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The power bank can warm your hands! This is a nice little thing

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Winter has arrived, and the pace of cooling has begun everywhere. But in the cold winter a warm hand treasure is very important. On December 4, Xiaomi Youpin launched a mobile power supply with no heart and 52 ° warm hand treasure.

As a major design brand, Youxin mobile power supply is very small. Its shell is made of aluminum alloy. The ABS fireproof and frosted surface is not only scratch proof but also wear-resistant, which gives you a good touch. It looks like a small retro radio.

As a warm hand treasure, it can be set to a constant temperature of 52 ° and can also monitor the temperature. When the warm hand state is started, it can make heat quickly after 5 seconds, and it is double-sided heating. It is really suitable as a warm hand treasure in winter.

At the same time, due to the built-in 5000mAh battery, it can also be switched to the power bank mode, incarnating as a temporary emergency power bank to charge your mobile phone. In addition, there is automatic power-off protection mode, which can prevent overcharge.


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